How can I be a Frequent Buyer?

It is automatic when you registratring at Regina’s Desire online  shop.With registration you automatic accept the conditions of being a Frequent Buyer.That does not mean any commitment, shopping etc.

Why I should join to the Regina’s Desire’s Frequent Buyer system?

-Whit every shopping you get loyal point, which can be used later.
-Whit loyal point you can get preference or also free dresses.
-There would be some cases when you can get points same value as the half price of the dress, which means you can get the dress half price.

How can I get loyal point?

After every spendt €1 you get 1 loyal points.You do better to follow us on socical media (Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube) because we have shareing and likeing contest that means you get loyal points after your likes and shares.

My current loyal points

Loggin in then click to the right corner: My site then My bonus points

How and when can i cash in my points?

-You can cash in any item at the shop by add to cart then pay.
-€1 means six point , you can get your preference the same way.
-The loyal point only can used at the online shop, cannot be changed to money.

General infos about Frequent Buyer system:

-You cannot reduce the delivery price with loyal points.
-Your registartion means you automaticalli joined to the Frequent Buyer Sysytem.
-Sending back an order means you cannot get loyal point after the item which has sent back.
-You cannot contract your loyal points with other’s.
-The Regina’s Desire ’s Frequent Buyer system is timeless, it can be closed any time or changeing it.